What this Certificate of Completion badge means, and why it matters to you and your business.

Conversational Copywritng Certificate of CompletionIf you arrived here after clicking this icon on someone’s website… Welcome!

That site doubtless belongs to an online copywriter, content writer or other forward-thinking digital marketer.

And if they’re displaying that badge, it means a few important things.

  1. They have taken the Conversational Copywriting course.
  2. They have completed all 21 lectures. (I know they have, because I can track every student’s progress on my admin dashboard. Sneaky, but useful.)
  3. They have completed all 6 homework assignments. I’ve been through their homework personally, and have provided them with feedback.
  4. And they have likely taken part in our online Conversational Copywriter’s community. Unlike the first three items on this list, this last one isn’t a must-do in order to get the certificate. But it turns out that most people who really dive in and complete the course also contribute to the community.

Why this matters to you…

As digital marketing becomes more and more social and conversational, old-school approaches to online writing and copywriting no longer work as well.

Today’s consumers do not respond well to being sold AT in a loud and pushy voice. Instead, they are looking to be engaged with open, honest and transparent communications from the companies they buy from.

This is why the conversational copywriting approach is so timely and important. Whatever the size of your business. Regardless of when you consider your business to be B2B or B2C.

And that’s why you hit the jackpot when you found our badge on that writer’s website.

They’re one of a rare breed right now. One of the few who have immersed themselves in conversational copywriting, and have put in the time and work to master the craft.

If you have any questions about the course or the certificate, you can reach me at nick@conversationalcopywriting.com.

Warm wishes,

Nick Usborne
Founder, Conversational Copywriting