The Conversational Copywriter’s Manifesto

This is a living document, reflecting the ideas and values of all of us in the Conversational Copywriting community. The entries are in no particular order. If you have comments or contributions to share, please email them to

  1. Conversational Copywriting Manifesto We write in a tone and style that would fit a lively and enthusiastic conversation between friends over coffee at the kitchen table.
  2. We write copy that ENGAGES our audience. We don’t broadcast sales messages AT our audience.
  3. We write in a way that feels natural when spoken out loud.
  4. We strive to write simply and clearly, with short words and sentences.
  5. Our copy sells through a natural enthusiasm in its message and delivery.
  6. We do our best to add value to our readers’ lives, even as we sell to them.
  7. We try to be helpful and useful to our readers, even if they have no intention of buying anything from us now.
  8. We don’t write copy that we wouldn’t feel comfortable reading to our mother, partner, children or neighbors while looking them in the eye.
  9. We write with empathy, and make it clear that we respect and care about our readers… because we do.
  10. We don’t use corporate-speak or impenetrable jargon to hide or obscure the true meaning of what we’re saying.
  11. We use a conversational approach to maintain a single, consistent and trustworthy voice across all digital media.
  12. We don’t use hype or manipulative tricks to misguide or deceive our readers.
  13. As with a genuine conversation, we don’t try to bulldoze our readers into submission.
  14. We don’t take an adversarial position with our readers, because ultimately we’re on their side.
  15. We believe the conversational approach to copywriting allows us to do our job and serve our clients well, without being pushy, sneaky or manipulative.

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This manifesto was written by Nick Usborne, with help, feedback and contributions from Cheryl Olmstead, Sheila Koester, Colin Noden, Barbara Johnson, Bill Broughton, Richard Lacey, David Crellen, Nick Burns, Judith Blaeske, Jeff Rast and Dave Vranicar.

“I’m negotiating for a new project and have been using the Conversational Copywriter’s Manifesto as a selling feature. My contact is very impressed with it. So THANK YOU!”

Colin Noden