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In these posts we explore conversational writing as
a powerful way to communicate and sell online.

Web 3 copy and content are naturally conversational, because the language rises up from the project community.

friends talking

If you think about traditional digital marketing, almost all the marketing materials and content are created by the company or organization.

Copywriters are hired to write Facebook ads and Google ads, email sequences, landing pages, sales pages, shopping carts, and more.

On the content side, writers are tasked with writing articles, blog posts, newsletter issues, social media posts, and so on.

A typical launch package comprises many thousands of words of professionally written copy and content.

As for the customers or audience… in the traditional marketing model, they are rarely required to write anything at all. Although a comment on a Facebook post is nice to see from time to time.

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Conversational copywriting will lie at the heart of business on Web 3 and the metaverse.

Web3 metaverse with headset

First, let me define what I mean by Web 3.

Web 3 is the next step in the evolution of the Internet.

It is a new iteration of the Internet that resides on decentralized blockchains.

At its heart, the culture of Web 3 is all about decentralization and privacy.

Web 2 is highly centralized, around huge companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft. They control almost everything, including your personal identity and information.

Web 3 is the opposite of that. With blockchains like Ethereum there is no central company. No boss. No shareholders.

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Would you swap a Patek Philippe watch for a cartoon of a Bored Ape?

On the left is a Patek Philippe Aquanaut. This is a beautiful, high-end mechanical watch. You can pick one up for about $60,000. More or less.

On your right is Bored Ape #4108. Last time this Ape changed hands, the buyer paid about the same… $60,000.

Bored Ape #4108 is an NFT… a Non-Fungible Token, or unique digital asset.

If you have no idea what NFTs are, or have never heard of Cryptokitties, Cryptopunks, Art Blocks, or the Bored Ape Yacht Club, here is some reading for you.


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Throw away the style guide, and listen to the communities where your prospects hang out.

Group of young adults hanging out

My wife and I have a puppy.

A lovely little fellow, but he can be a bit of a challenge sometimes.

So my wife joined a few support groups, most of them on Facebook.

She goes there to share her experiences, to ask for help, and also to give help to other puppy owners facing similar training challenges. These are vibrant, active communities.

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Every relationship starts with a conversation.

When you meet someone new, you have a conversation. Maybe starting with, “Hi, I’m Nick. Good to meet you.”

These first conversations take place at work, at a coffee shop, at your local gym, at a friend’s backyard BBQ. And so on.

However trivial their content, conversations lay the foundations for our relationships.

What we say to people creates a first impression. Good or bad.

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Tell people your product is “not that good”. And sell more.

Feigang Fei is the owner of a Chinese restaurant called Aunt Dai
Photo from the restaurant’s blog and credited to Global News TV.

This is a great story, from my hometown of Montreal.

Feigang Fei is the owner of a Chinese restaurant called Aunt Dai. It has all the usual dishes you’d expect… from Imperial Rolls, to Orange Beef, and General Tao Chicken.

Going by the choices on the menu, there’s nothing particularly special about either the restaurant or its menu.

What is different is that when you open the menu, you’ll find not only the names, pictures and prices of the dishes, but also some thoughts from Feigang Fei.

Here is what he says about their Orange Beef…

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