This Is Marketing by Seth Godin
A few months ago Seth Godin was a guest on this blog. You can find the interview here.

We talked about a lot of things, including Conversational Copywriting… and his new book, This Is Marketing.

He was kind enough to send me a proof copy of the book, so I’ve had some time to work my way through it and digest its lessons.

You can see my copy in the photo above. Well thumbed and with plenty of pages and paragraphs marked along the way.

As I’m sure Seth anticipated, I love what he’s teaching. Why? Because my work on Conversational Copywriting is built on many of the core values he talks about… honesty, respect, engagement and trust.

But as you can imagine, the scope of Seth’s book is a lot broader, and deeper.

For me, this is his most important book since Permission Marketing.

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