Social media

When you meet someone new, you have a conversation. Maybe starting with, “Hi, I’m Nick. Good to meet you.”

These first conversations take place at work, at a coffee shop, at your local gym, at a friend’s backyard BBQ. And so on.

However trivial their content, conversations lay the foundations for our relationships.

What we say to people creates a first impression. Good or bad.

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Relaxing by the sea

Well, that sounds crazy.

Ads on TV are honest? Junk mail? Popups on my computer screen?

Pretty much.

That’s one of the roles of the Federal Trade Commission in the USA. To make sure advertisers don’t lie about their products or services. And they’re pretty strict about it too.

Most western countries have equivalent organizations.

As marketers we’re not allowed to spread lies.

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My wife and I recently got back from a short vacation in the Dominican Republic.

On the first day we traveled to a beautiful beach, way off the regular tourist trail.

It had a small bar. Nothing fancy. A small wooden structure nestled among the trees.

And on one of the outside walls I found the sign you see above.

We do not have Wi-Fi. We offer a better connection.

Perfect message, in the perfect location.

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The best time to build expertise in any area of digital marketing isn’t necessarily at the very beginning.

For example, sites like MySpace were heralding the birth of social media back in the early 2000s.

But it wasn’t until 2006 or so that the big players like Twitter and Facebook took hold.

And many of the big names in social media marketing didn’t get established until about 2009 or 2010.

But after that… well, everyone else who wanted a slice of that market had the play catch-up.

And like I say, playing catch-up sucks. It’s sucks because you’ll always be trying to make yourself heard in a market where the voices of the earlier adopters dominate.

It’s the same story with conversational copywriting right now.

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The rise of conversational copywriting, with two robots talking

When they read my writing on conversational copywriting, some marketers think I’m talking about a soft, nice-to-have skill.

They see the conversational approach is being attractive, but optional.

I think they’re totally wrong.

From what I’m seeing, conversational copywriting is fast becoming an essential marketing skill. Not an option, but a necessity.

And the need for conversational copywriting isn’t being driven by me or any other individual. It’s being driven by some massive technology trends that show no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Let’s take a look at these trends one by one.

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Two swimmers underwater

In this post I get to interview Giovanni Ciampaglia, Global Marketing Director for Arena Water Instinct.

Giovanni and I first worked together several years ago when he asked me to write some web pages for the fitness equipment company he was working for.

Recently he reached out to me and said, “I’m looking into ways to improve our marketing efforts through better (conversational) copywriting…”

He wanted to hire a freelancer who was trained in conversational copywriting, and I was happy to introduce him to several of our course alumni.

And then I got to thinking… of all the industries that might latch onto the power and promise of conversational copywriting… swimwear??

Hence this interview.

Let’s get started…

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