If you want a conversation to be both engaging and memorable, anchor it with a good story.

Reading a bedtime story

Stories and conversations are deeply intertwined.

Walk into a bar or coffee shop, find a group of people deep in conversation, and chances are they’ll be sharing stories.

“Do you remember the time when…?”

“Did you hear about what happened to Jack at the weekend…?

“You’ll never guess who I saw on the bus this morning…”

When we gather together in groups, we’re always telling stories.

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Find the courage to use your own voice in your marketing.

Man holding out a microphone to record what you say

It takes courage to stand out on your own.

Particularly if you’re a solo professional of some kind… Like a freelancer, coach, consultant, therapist, or anyone else who works one-on-one with clients.

The safe way to sell yourself is to adopt the persona of others in your industry.

Look and sound like your fellow solo professionals.

If you’re a freelancer, you might model your website on those of other successful freelancers in your niche.

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Unplug and offer a better connection.

My wife and I recently got back from a short vacation in the Dominican Republic.

On the first day we traveled to a beautiful beach, way off the regular tourist trail.

It had a small bar. Nothing fancy. A small wooden structure nestled among the trees.

And on one of the outside walls I found the sign you see above.

We do not have Wi-Fi. We offer a better connection.

Perfect message, in the perfect location.

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