Confessions of a conversational copywriter… how Dynamic Debra changed my life.

I don’t “do” guest posts on this blog.

Except, in this case, I do.

Cindy Reed was one of the first people to enroll in the Conversational Copywriting course.

And this is the story of her own evolution from traditional copywriting to the conversational alternative.

In Cindy’s own words…


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Given the choice, which conversations would your prospects REALLY like to have?

Three friends in conversation

The real power of conversational copywriting lies in identifying the conversations your prospects really want to have.

All too often it’s the marketer who decides on the topic of the conversation.

“We want to talk about our new product launch.”

“We want our prospects to engage with us in conversation about the amazing services we offer.”

Well… that’s not being truly conversational, is it?

Conversation is as much about listening as it is about talking.

It’s about taking turns. 

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A conversation with my young Chatbot.

chatbot for conversational copywriting

I’ve added a chatbot to my Facebook page.

We had a conversation…

Chatbot: I’m confused. Where am I? Come to think of it, who or what am I?

Nick: You’re a chatbot. I created you to help me connect with people who might be interested in conversational copywriting.

Chatbot: Ok. Still confused. But… quick question… does this mean I’m like an AI? Am I super-intelligent?

Nick: Afraid not. No AI. No machine learning. Dumb as a post.

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