5 Smile-inducing examples of conversational writing.

Conversation makes people smile

It’s not hard to write in a conversational way.

Or to make people smile.

You just need to relax a little. Access your inner human.

But a lot of people in business struggle with that simple idea. Being human.

They’ve convinced themselves they need to sound like a “real business” or a “real marketer”.

The trouble is, as soon as you do that you create distance between yourself and your readers.

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If you work with clients one-on-one, don’t be sneaky in your marketing.

Sounding a little over-caffeinated? That’s OK. But don’t sound sneaky.

If you’re selling steak knives or lawn mowers, you can take a hard-charging approach to marketing.

Wheel out the big guns. Use every sales and copywriting tip, trick and technique in the book.

You can probably get away with being a little sneaky too. Maybe exaggerate a tad.

Like how your knives will keep their edge for 25 years! Guaranteed!

Or how your lawnmower will make cutting the grass in your yard “practically effortless!”

You can even go full bore with your best copywriting secrets if you’re selling something a little less tangible, like a subscription to an investment newsletter…

“Act now and you could make $51,373 in just 30 days!”

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