Exploring powerful connections between happiness, positivity and sales… with JoAnna Brandi.

Interview on conversational copywriting with JoAnna Brandi

In this post I get to talk with JoAnna Brandi – a consultant, speaker and trainer who believes in the power of happiness in the workplace.

I met JoAnna at an event held by our mutual friends at American Writers & Artists Inc.

After talking for a few minutes, it became clear to me that she was a fellow traveller in the pursuit of positivity and transparency in the world of marketing and sales.

While there are plenty of authors and speakers on the “happiness bandwagon” these days, JoAnna stands out because she’s been speaking about Customer and Employee Happiness for over 25 years.

It’s that depth of experience I want to tap into with this interview.

So… let’s get started…

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Marketing professionals use too many empty words.

empty chair in empty space

If you’ve ever listened to advice on losing weight, you’re probably familiar with the term “empty calories”.

It simply means the food you’re eating – like a candy bar – is full of calories, but has negligible nutritional value.

The same can happen in writing.

Lots of words, negligible meaning.

And perhaps surprisingly, some of the biggest offenders are digital ad agencies.

You’d think marketing professionals would know better. But apparently not.

Here’s an example of what I mean…

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