A powerful way to create more word of mouth is to trigger conversations that spread… with Jay Baer.

Many of the people I interview are colleagues and friends I’ve known for a long time.

But while Jay and I have both been working online for over two decades, and have a ton of friends in common, we’ve never connected before now.

So I’m really excited to have this opportunity to put that right, and to ask Jay a few questions.

And no, I’m not excited in the way a professional interviewer might be “really excited” to talk to any and every guest. I’m excited because Jay is a giant in the world of online marketing. And because I’m an avid student of his work in the field of word-of-mouth marketing.

Let’s get started…

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Lawn care guys shouldn’t sound like fancy-pants marketers.

Sales copy for a lawncare business

Imagine you receive an email is from the boss of a local lawn care company.

He’s a local guy. A lawn care guy. He has dirt under his fingernails.

To my mind the email should sound like it came from him… not from a fancy-pants marketer.

I’m not saying the email should be unsophisticated in how it’s put together. 

But just suggesting the tone of voice should match our perception of the person whose name appears at the end.

And it’s not just about tone of voice. It’s also about what he says.

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I asked if anyone had a question about Conversational Copywriting…

Questions about conversational copywriting

I keep a list of people who’ve signed up to learn more about Conversational Copywriting, but haven’t enrolled in the course.

I write to them every week.

Last week I asked if they had any questions they’d like to ask me about the course.

More specifically, I told them I planned to do a live video Q&A to answer their questions. And I’m going to do that.

Anyway, when I asked if people would be interested joining the call, a ton of people said yes and went one step further by sending in a question or two.

I thought I’d get ahead by answering some of those in advance.

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Don’t write to your prospects AS IF you’re their friend. Write to them AS their friend.

A young man faking how he feels... looking AS IF he's happy.

I’m not the only one to figure out the persuasive power of conversational copywriting.

I wasn’t the first either.

But I am different from most. Not all. But most.

How so?

Because so many “conversational” writers and marketers write to an audience “as if” they were friends.

And that’s not what I’m talking about, advocating or teaching. Not at all.

I’m suggesting that you write to them AS their friend.

Big difference.

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