How to write like a good listener, in three easy steps.

Listen before you join the conversation.

I’m the first to admit it.

I’m not the world’s greatest listener.

I tend to talk more than listen. I have the bad habit of waiting impatiently for the other person to stop talking, so I can carry on saying what I want to say.

I’m not that bad all the time. I’m making a conscious effort to shut up and really, truly listen.

And I’m getting better, I think.

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Can conversational copywriting drive as many sales as direct response copywriting?

Pick up conversation in bar

I get asked this question from time to time.

Can conversational copywriting go head-to-heard with traditional, direct-response copywriting and win?


If you’re talking about making an immediate, direct sale from the page of a website…

And if you’re executing a side-by-side, A/B split test, and comparing revenues before the end of the day…

Then no, the conversational approach is unlikely to win.

But you’re probably asking the wrong question.

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3 Ways to model your marketing on the power of a good conversation.

Group of people in conversation

I admit it. I’m turning into a total conversation geek.

But honestly, conversations are fascinating.

Conversation is the bedrock of every relationship we have.

First dates begin with a conversation. That interview for your job… that was a conversation. The relationships you have with your kids is based on the conversations you have with them.

That cluster of people in hallway at a conference? They’re having a conversation.

At coffee shops, in bars and restaurants, even on airplanes… people are connecting, learning and growing through the power of conversation.

As marketers and writers, we can tap into that power as a way to better connect with our customers and prospects.

Let’s look at just 3 of the lessons we can learn from having a good conversation.

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