Is conversational copywriting JUST about taking the hype out of sales copy?

The future of sales is anti-hype

If I sometimes give the impression conversational copywriting is ONLY about taking the hype out of sales copy, that’s my bad.

Yes, cutting back on high-pressure sales copy is a big part of it. But that isn’t the only way conversational copywriting can improve results across all business communications.

Let’s look at the 4 top reasons, starting with hype…

1. Conversational Copywriting takes the hype out of selling.

This is a big deal because hundreds of millions of people have already installed adblockers on their browsers, and are filtering more and more promotional emails out of their inboxes.

In other words, they’re taking direct action again overly promotional marketing online.

Conversational copywriting gets through, because it is the anti-hype. It’s more respectful of people and their time.

It gets through, and it works.

2. Conversational Copywriting takes the jargon out of business writing.

People hate hyped-up sales messages. But they also dislike business jargon and corporate gobbledygook.

Too many business people learn to write at university and business schools. They write to impress their teachers and peers. They use long complex sentences and fancy words.

That’s fine for business writing, but a disaster for any kind of communication that is aimed at the end customer.

Regular people don’t connect with that kind of writing. And when they read it they correctly conclude that the writer has no clue about their lives or needs.

Conversational writing cuts through that nonsense and clutter. It connects with readers at a more personal and emotional level.

3. Conversational Copywriting drives more sales through increased engagement.

Conversational copywriting is ANTI hype and gobbledygook… but it’s PRO engagement with a company’s prospects and customers.

There is plenty of data to tell us that engaged customer are more likely to become customers. I wrote about this in a recent post.

And you aren’t going to truly engage people with copy that is either overly promotional or dry and boring. Quite the opposite. Those are good ways to immediately disengage from an audience.

You engage people by connecting with them in a place and at a level that is shared and familiar. And nothing is more familiar and safe than sitting down with someone and holding a conversation.

This is how we communicate, one on one. This is how we engage with each other in real life.

4. Conversational Copywriting delivers authenticity across social media

More and more commerce is moving across the divide to social media and mobile devices.

More than any other platform, mobile is conversational almost by definition.

Whether you are trying to engage through social media or sell through social media, you’re going to have zero luck with an approach that is either overly promotional or dull and bland.

You have to engage one on one. You have to be genuinely social. You have to be conversational.

This is the only way to communicate and win on social media and through mobile devices.

Wrapping it up…

Any which way you look at it, the days of old-school copywriting and business writing are over.

The evolution of online media is telling us the way forward is to write in a way that engages with our audience in a more open, transparent and honest way.

And that all points to conversational copywriting.

Conversational Copywriting is the future of selling online. You can build your expertise now, or try catching up later. Find out about the course here…

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