To kickstart conversations that spread like crazy, do something worth talking about.

Conversation about vintage van

Conversational marketing is multifaceted.

It’s about the language you use across all your digital marketing materials.

It’s about how you interact through social media and your customer service channels.

It’s even about the culture within your business.

And beyond all that… it’s also about how good a job you do to stimulate conversations outside of your own channels.

Do stuff that makes people talk about you in a positive light.

See the photo above?

I took that while on a trip to the UK. A few vendors had set up their stalls in a local shopping mall.

Most of the stalls were very ordinary. Not much more than a table.

But look at what this guy did.

He’s selling artisanal bread. He’s appealing to nostalgia. I can’t think of a better way to make that promise real than for him to serve his loaves of bread from the back of a vintage delivery van.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this van must be worth ten thousand words.

Because it’s absolutely worth talking about.

I’m certain I wasn’t the first person to stop and take a photo. And many of those photos will have ended up on social media.

People love to share photos of vintage vehicles.

They share their photos and add a few words of text.

They’re starting small conversations.

That makes for pretty smart marketing in a world of digital media.

And it’s genius for a small local baker. Because every time people talk about his vintage delivery van, they’re reinforcing his brand as a purveyor of artisanal bread.

On more thing… I bet photos of his van have appeared in local newspapers and magazines. Maybe on local TV too.

It’s time to start developing a conversational habit in your own business.

Or do it on behalf of your client, if you’re on the agency or freelance side of things.

The point being, the web is by its very nature a social and conversational medium.

To leverage that, you need to get conversational across the board.

Start writing in a more conversational tone.

Use everyday language in your emails, social media and even on your website.

Encourage conversation between your prospects, your customers and people in your company.

And to bring all that to life… do something worth talking about.

The baker serves bread from the back of his delivery van. That’s how he starts conversations.

What are you going to do?

How are you going to kickstart conversations that spread like crazy??

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