No, that typo wasn’t me trying to be “conversational”.

If you watched the video, you already know the story.

But if you’d rather read than watch, here goes…

I received an email the other day from a student of the Conversational Copywriting course.

He’d spotted not one but two typos in an email I sent out. And he wondered if, perhaps, I had done it deliberately.

His thinking, I assume, was that the typos somehow made me appear more “real”… imperfect and perhaps vulnerable.

I understand what he’s saying.

And I bet there are marketers and copywriters out there who will use deliberate typos and other cunning tricks to maneuver themselves under the defenses of their readers.

But no, that’s not what I did.

The typos, one of which you can see in the photo below, were mistakes on my part. I wrote the text late in the evening and sent it out early the next morning… without proofing it well enough.

And no, I would never use typos as a “cunning trick” to fool my readers.

To my mind, that’s not what conversational copywriting is about.

Conversational copywriting is about being honest and open… speaking in language that is simple, personal and easy to understand.

It’s about selling through honest, enthusiastic and open communication.

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What people are saying…

“I can definitely see how all the usual cliches and sales patter of traditional marketing is getting overlooked now, and that conversational copy is the way to go. Fab course Nick, thanks!” Katie Sayce

“By nature, I’m not the pushy, hype-y, manipulative salesperson type. That is what turns me off from doing any type of sales work. I like the genuine, honest and friendship forming kind of two-way copywriting that conversational copywriting conveys. In my opinion, conversational copywriting is more appealing to the younger generations of consumers coming up in today’s marketplace.” Sheila Koester

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