If you work with clients one-on-one, don’t be sneaky in your marketing.

Sounding a little over-caffeinated? That’s OK. But don’t sound sneaky.

If you’re selling steak knives or lawn mowers, you can take a hard-charging approach to marketing.

Wheel out the big guns. Use every sales and copywriting tip, trick and technique in the book.

You can probably get away with being a little sneaky too. Maybe exaggerate a tad.

Like how your knives will keep their edge for 25 years! Guaranteed!

Or how your lawnmower will make cutting the grass in your yard “practically effortless!”

You can even go full bore with your best copywriting secrets if you’re selling something a little less tangible, like a subscription to an investment newsletter…

“Act now and you could make $51,373 in just 30 days!”

Or maybe you could try selling me your marketing automation app with the “pretend friend” approach…

“Hey Nick, I know we’ve never met, but I feel like you’re a good friend, and I’d never forgive myself if I didn’t give this one last chance to enroll!”

For a lot of products and services, you can dig into your copywriter’s toolbox and pull out a technique that will help make the sale.

Nothing wrong with that.

But what if you’re not selling to a large unseen audience, but your business depends on working with clients one-on-one?

What if you’re a coach, consultant, therapist, counselor or freelancer?

What if you work with your clients face-to-face, either in person or online?

You can’t be sneaky when you’re promoting your services and then expect people to trust you as a professional in your field.

Think about it. Why would I trust you if you sounded more like a marketer than a coach? Or more like a high-pressure copywriter than a therapist?

If you want people to know you can be trusted… you need to take a different approach.

You need a way to sell your services enthusiastically that still sounds like you. The real you.

Yes, this is where Conversational Copywriting comes in…

Conversational copywriting taps into the persuasive power of everyday conversational language.

Just think of the last time a friend raved about some product he he’d just purchased. How much he loved it. How strongly he recommended it.

He didn’t sound like a professional marketer. He sounded like himself. Just a really enthusiastic and passionate version of himself. Like he’d had way too much coffee that morning!

That’s how coaches, therapists, consultants and freelancers need to sound when they’re marketing themselves.

A slightly over-caffeinated and passionate version of who they really are.

This is where the conversational approach to copywriting is at its most powerful and valuable.

It’s the perfect fit for solo-professionals who want to develop high-trust relationships with their prospects and clients.

It’s how you sell yourself with real enthusiasm, but without coming over as being pushy, sleazy or spammy.

It’s how you win by being conversational.

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