Conversational Copywriting is NOT a compromise.

I get this kind of pushback all the time.

Traditional copywriters and marketers suggest that conversational copywriting is somehow a compromise.

That it pulls its punches.

That’s it’s just copywriting lite.

They say that work at its best, copywriting HAS to include traditional, hard-selling tricks and techniques.

I think they’re wrong.

Honestly, I believe conversation is the MOST powerful way to close a sale.

Think about the toughest sales situations you find yourself in.

Your boss is about the pull the plug on a project you have poured your life and soul into. You need to persuade her to change her mind.

What are you going to do? Write an email or memo? Send her a text?

No… you’re going to find a time to sit down with her and have a conversation.

Or you’re about to close a massive deal with a prospective client, but they seem to be getting cold feet.

An email? A memo? No… again, you want to sit down and have a conversation.

At work, at home, among politicians on the world stage… the most powerful way to change minds is through conversation.

Even when it can’t be face-to-face, you can still tap into the persuasive power of conversational language.

So no, conversational copywriting isn’t a compromise, second-best or copywriting lite.

Conversational copywriting is THE most powerful and persuasive approach you can choose.

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