Turns out Conversational Copywriting makes you feel good AND relieves stress.

Conversational copywriting is stress-free and more fun

Funny thing.

A little while back I emailed a question to some alumni of the Conversational Copywriting course.

I wanted to know if they felt the course had changed anything for them. Was this just “another course”, or had it made a real difference?

I got some encouraging answers to that question, which I’ll be writing about in a future post.

But I also got feedback I hadn’t asked about at all.

This is a big deal, because so many people made the exact same point… without me even asking about it.

It turns out that people find the conversational approach to copywriting a whole lot more fun and enjoyable. Less stressful too.

Put simply, writing conversational copy makes you feel good.

“I now use a conversational style in all my written communication. I find it to be more entertaining, engaging and effective. It’s perfect for online copy, content marketing and even SEO. Plus, it’s much more fun to write!” Steve Sonn

“Conversational copywriting has changed the way I approach the process, how I view the customer, and the language I choose. Copywriting is less stressful and more enjoyable now.” Bob Wassom

Which begs the question… why is regular copywriting more stressful and less enjoyable?

I’d never suggest that taking the traditional approach to writing copy is always stressful.

But when it is, it’s often when we’re asked to cross a line.

Or maybe we choose to cross it ourselves.

This is the line between honesty and dishonesty.

It’s the difference between treating our audience with respect, and being manipulative.

When we cross that line, most of us feel our stress levels go up. We feel uncomfortable. It just doesn’t feel right.

I hear this a lot from fellow copywriters. I know of some who are having to say no to clients who ask them to push the boundaries of honesty.

That’s a pity, because with good copywriting there really is no need to lie.

Most of the time, resorting to manipulation and half-truths is simply a lazy way of dealing with a tough copywriting challenge.

Work at the problem harder and for a little longer, and you’ll likely find an idea or approach that hits the spot without crossing the line into dishonesty.

Find a better message, and express it simply and clearly.

“Not only do I find it easier to write……but it now has more clarity, which means my clients and audience understand more clearly whatever message, point or story I want to convey. The best bit…writing is much more fun.” John Orchan

As copywriters, we’ll always do our best work when we enjoy it.

I’ve always been aware of this. I know I do my best work when I’m enjoying myself.

This is why, as a freelance copywriter, I’ve always worked hard to find clients I could feel comfortable working with. I want to love the company, and its products or services.

Has this worked out for me every time?

No. Sometimes I’ve ended up doing work for a product or service I didn’t feel that good about.

And yes, I was professional about it, and did my best.

But my best always fell a little short. It was never as good as what I achieved for work I felt good about.

The conversational approach makes it easier to enjoy your work, and feel good about it…

I hadn’t really thought about this until I started receiving this feedback from my students.

I didn’t realize that copywriters were enjoying their work more when they were writing in a conversational style.

But they clearly are.

And that’s another powerful reason to become a conversational copywriter.

Because the more fun you’re having, the better the quality of the work you do.

It’s also more fun and easier to market and copywrite with a conversational-based approach. As someone who’s very customer-centric, I couldn’t imagine any other way to be a marketer and copywriter.” Michelle B. Griffin

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  1. Nick…you are right….the course has changed the many ways I communicate today. I try to write emails, letters, messages….and just about everything….my conversational style brings me closer to everyone. I find myself re-writing exiting copy that was not conversational. It has changed the way I think and see other people. I listen more and learn lots…..I do not make copy mistakes…..it is now call my “conversational style”.