Conversational Copywriting reduces friction and removes hurdles.


sales conversion rate hurdles

OK.. this is post #1 for this all-new blog.

Here’s hoping it will be the first of dozens and then hundreds of posts.

I was going to write some kind of general introduction…but then changed my mind. Felt too much like blah-blah-blah.

Better, I think, to dive right in.

Here goes…

I recorded this video in response to some pushback I got from a few online marketers recently. They think Conversational Copywriting is some kind of optional, soft skill they don’t have to pay attention to.

I disagree. I don’t think this is a soft or optional skill at all.

I think Conversational Copywriting is central to the performance of pretty much all digital marketing.

Enjoy the video…

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What people are saying…

“I can definitely see how all the usual cliches and sales patter of traditional marketing is getting overlooked now, and that conversational copy is the way to go. Fab course Nick, thanks!” Katie Sayce

“By nature, I’m not the pushy, hype-y, manipulative salesperson type. That is what turns me off from doing any type of sales work. I like the genuine, honest and friendship forming kind of two-way copywriting that conversational copywriting conveys. In my opinion, conversational copywriting is more appealing to the younger generations of consumers coming up in today’s marketplace.” Sheila Koester

Learn more about the Conversational Copywriting course here…

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