Differentiate yourself in a powerful new way, as a conversational copywriter.

Differentiate yourself as a conversational copywriter

Hundreds of copywriters have now completed the conversational copywriting course.

And now I’m seeing how some of these writers are repositioning themselves as conversational copywriters.

Smart move.

This is a powerful way to set yourself apart from the crowd.

There are tens of thousands of competing freelance copywriters out there, all of them looking for work, all making much the same claims.

When you stand up, raise a hand and explicitly tell the world you’re a conversational copywriter, that sets you apart and shines a spotlight on your message.

It’s the perfect time to stand tall as a conversational copywriter.

Now is a particularly good time to differentiate yourself as a conversational copywriter.

How come?

Because it’s such a perfect fit for online marketing and communications.

Think content marketing. Think social media. Think engagement.

The web isn’t an old-school, one-way broadcast medium like TV or radio. It’s a two-way medium where the audience gets to participate and talk back.

In other words, the web is a conversational medium.

This means companies and organizations can no longer connect with their audience if they insist on sticking with old-school writing approaches.

They come over either as too boring and stuffy, or too pushy and promotional.

More and more digital marketers are beginning to understand this. They know that engagement is key. And that to achieve engagement, they first have to enter into a conversation with their audience.

And that’s where you come in.

As a trained conversational copywriter, you’ll have the skills required to connect with your clients’ prospects and customers in a way that feels natural, authentic and real.

Online copywriters are starting to see the opportunity here…

Among alumni of the conversational copywriting course, I’m seeing more and more copywriters making changes to how they present themselves through their websites.

Some are going all in, with a bold change to their homepages and core positioning statements.

Others are making modest but significant changes to pages on their site.

And I’m also seeing copywriters begin to write their own blog posts about the power and timeliness of the conversational copywriting approach.

It’s time to step away from the flock…

It always makes sense to differentiate yourself and your freelance business. You never want to look and sound the same as your competitors.

But not all “differences” are created equal.

You should differentiate yourself in a way that matches what’s happening in the industry.

Your difference should correspond to what your clients are looking for and need right now.

And that’s why the timing is so good when it comes to conversational copywriting.

It’s exactly the right approach, at exactly the right time.

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