My answers to 4 common questions about Conversational Copywriting.

Truth be told, this video is an outtake.

I’ve been trying to record a video to put on the Conversational Copywriting homepage… but have yet to get it right.

Not even close, really.

To start with, I’m aiming for just under two minutes.

But the video above is a little over 4 minutes.

And I did a ton of takes before this one. And that meant the sun kept getting lower, right to the point where I got that highlight on the background on the right side.

Not a big deal, but enough to make me want to try again.


I was going to dump this version along with all the others.

Then I figured that while it’s too long for the homepage, I could find a home for it here, as part of a post.

Basically, I answer 4 questions in this video…

– What is Conversational Copywriting?

– What kind of business would benefit most from taking the conversational approach?

– Does conversational copywriting actually work?

– What are your next steps?

Like I said, my original plan was to use this on my homepage. And hopefully I’ll soon come up with a version that’s a little shorter.

In the meantime, I hope – if nothing else – this outtake gives you a sense of how conversational copywriting can be super persuasive, without being overly pushy or salesy.

This is powerful stuff!

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8 thoughts on “My answers to 4 common questions about Conversational Copywriting.

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  1. Really appreciating the feedback. Some has been coming in by email too. I’m printing it all out… everyone’s thoughts and contributions. So grateful for this! I’d better come up with something really good for version 2.0. : )

  2. Hi NIck….the 4 min video is good and covers a lot of ground and is persuasive. I do think it needs to be shorter and 2 min is a target but you may have to settle for 3 min if you can.
    intro: 0-14 sec
    #1 What is Conversational Copywriting? 14 sec – 43 sec
    #2 What kind of business would benefit most…43 sec – 2:23
    #3 Does conversational copywriting actually work? 2:23 – 3:48
    #4 What are your next steps? 3:48 – 4:00
    Final thought – maybe trim some out of #2 & #3

  3. Hey Nick,

    This video is conversational and you come across as authentic.

    Why do you want to restrict your conversation with the visitor to one minute?

    I am guessing that the more you tried to limit your time, the more salesy it sounded.

    As long as what you are saying is interesting to the viewer, then any length will work.

    If the person is not interested, then 10 seconds is too long and they will go looking for cat videos or something else. Perfect!

    My suggestion is that the best length will be what is natural for your message.

  4. Hello Nick:
    I like this video, Very much. You cover all the bases. It helps me realize again, what I’ve always disliked about the old way of selling.
    I also have the course and am going through it again.

  5. Nick, I believe if you used Part 1 & Part 3 (shorten the text on each) you could make a very persuasive statement about conversational copywriting in under 2 minutes. Then under the video have the “call to action” – for each of the four questions and let the visitor select each of them to find out more details. (could be additional videos or print)

    I really liked 1 & 3 and they just need to be “thinned down”.

    Well that’s my suggestion…. something for thought?

  6. Nick, I’m just another guy with an opinion from my work with a client who seemed to always want to cram a miniseries into a video. It took me a long time to him under two minutes. Any one of your first three ideas would make a good short video.