Holding hands as a sign of trust

I’m in the early stages of preparing a presentation for an audience of therapists, coaches and other solo business owners who depend on the trust of their clients.

Part of my focus will be on writing a strong homepage headline.

The headline on your homepage is a big deal.

It does a lot of the heavy lifting for your site.

It’s often the first thing people read when they arrive at your site.

And in the same way that people will judge a book by its cover, prospective clients will likely judge your practice by the message you share on your homepage.

No pressure!

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Don't shout when having a conversation

Desperate marketers resort to cranking up the volume in their advertising.

If they’re not getting the results they want, they shout louder and more often, and in more places.

But, as they eventually discover to their cost, shouting louder doesn’t work.

It’s almost as if they’re saying, “Hey people, it seems you’re not hearing what I’m telling you… so I’m going to have to shout louder!!!”

But the problem isn’t that they aren’t being loud enough. Their problem is that they’re pitching the wrong message.

A message people don’t want to hear.

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Sales copy detox for copywriters

If you are a small business owner or founder, this post if for you.

It’s for entrepreneurs who went through the thrill and heartache of creating a new business.

It’s for business owners who remember the heady days when it all began.

It’s for the creators who sat down and wrote their own websites and sales copy in preparation for launch day.

If you’re a freelance copywriter or agency, this post is for you too. Use it to review the marketing copy you write for your clients. Or the copy other people wrote before you arrived on the scene.

Let’s get started, and look at those 3 signs your copy needs a detox and cleanse right now.

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Conversation on first date

In a fast-moving world of texts and selfies, it’s easy to imagine the days of holding long and meaningful conversations are behind us.

The idea of two people sitting down in deep conversation can feel a little quaint. Romantic even.

Who has time for that, right?

Not so fast.

Pretty much every important relationship in your life began with a conversation. Or a series of conversations.

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Making the pitch for conversational copywriting

If you’re going to pitch your clients or partners on the benefits of conversational copywriting, it will help if you have some solid arguments lined up and ready to go.

Fortunately, the conversational approach is rich with key points of difference and advantage.

This is particularly true when you’re competing with copywriters or marketers who are still hanging onto the traditional, broadcast approach to copywriting.

The old-school approach may still work for old media like TV and radio, but it has no place online.

Let’s explore just 5 of the ways you can power up your pitch when you’re talking about conversational copywriting.

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In conversation with colleagues

For many small business owners, the true motivation behind their business is to do some good for the world.

These are heart-centered companies.

And they face a unique challenge when it comes to marketing their products and services.

How hard can they push in their marketing materials?

On the one hand, they need to drive sales. They have to attract new customers. If they don’t, their business will fail.

And heart-centered or not, a failed business doesn’t do anyone any good.


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