Child with building blcoks

I’m not saying those are the only choices.

But these are the choices I face. Pretty much.

An event like the spread of Covid-19 has the capacity to beat me into a major depression.

Which is why, when bad things happen, I look for ways to step up and get creative.

Preferably at speed.

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chatbot for conversational copywriting

I’ve added a chatbot to my Facebook page.

We had a conversation…

Chatbot: I’m confused. Where am I? Come to think of it, who or what am I?

Nick: You’re a chatbot. I created you to help me connect with people who might be interested in conversational copywriting.

Chatbot: Ok. Still confused. But… quick question… does this mean I’m like an AI? Am I super-intelligent?

Nick: Afraid not. No AI. No machine learning. Dumb as a post.

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