The key to great copywriting is to like your audience.

Love your audience with conversational copywriting

I was taking part in a mastermind group a while back and someone asked the question, “Do you like your customers?”


Amazing question.

It had a huge impact on everyone in the room. We all had to pause and think about our own feelings about our customers and even our prospects.

Did we like them? Did we respect them?

Did we even think about our customers in terms of liking or respecting them?

Or did we just see them as anonymous specs within a demographic group? As data points?

I think many marketers are way too focused on liking the products and services they’re selling.

They love their own stuff and their own marketing.

Their audience? Not so much.

Why this matter to copywriters and marketers…

You can be the best copywriter in the world and still fail miserably if you focus too much on liking the product or service you’re selling, and too little on liking your audience.

Love of your audience opens up a whole new way of writing.

Your sales copywriting becomes reader-centric instead of product or company-centric.

You connect with your audience in a way that broadcasts empathy and interest in their lives or their businesses.

There’s less self-serving blah blah about your stuff, and more concern and caring about what’s good for your readers.

And this connects with conversational copywriting how?

Same mindset.

As a conversational copywriter you’re always writing as if you can imagine your prospective buyer, across the table from you.

They’re right there.

You need to be focused on them. You have to like them. You can’t fake it.

The whole concept of being conversational is predicated on being present for your audience – and caring for and liking them.

Liking your audience lies at the core of all successful marketing.

When everyone at the table in that mastermind group was asked to answer that simple question, a lot of people had to pause and really think about it.

Did we like our customers?

In my case, I was able to say, “Yes, I do!”

I knew that to be true, because I interact with my readers and customers every day.

But still, it was a powerful moment for me too.

Because I truly believe that the way we feel about our audience impacts the way in which we write our sales copy.

Imagine writing a sales page to a group you don’t like, and then another page to a group of readers you do like.

Don’t tell me there wouldn’t be a profound difference between those two sets of copy.

There would.

We have a powerful combination here.

Combine love for your audience with a conversational writing style, and I think you could write the best sales copy of your life.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

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  1. Nick, I agree wholeheartedly, and that’s the whole paradoxical aim of my poker program and my site (up as of 2 days but still in process as I write the groundbreaking free lead magnet: A new strategy to win by reading faces….). It’s paradoxical because poker is traditionally and currently about making opponents (note that term) part with their money. But instead, I am dedicated to helping my readers succeed, and I sympathize with their frustration at losing so often. I want them to have fun and win! So I’m teaching them my groundbreaking secrets and methods. With a nod to Ralph Waldo Emerson, I say:
    Do I contradict myself? Then I contradict myself. I will contain multitudes!

  2. Great Post Nick!
    I am going to add that question to my “post it notes” area. It is a qreat question to ask your self at the start of every project just to get you into the correct frame of mind.

  3. This is so key! I had never explicitly thought about this, but it’s true. You really do have to like your audience to want to help them. And helping your readers, of course, is the reason we (should) create content.