content marketing

Women ain conversation

People have different takes on what it means to be a “copywriter”.

Back when I started, long before the web came along, the definition was pretty simple.

We were the writers who wrote print ads, TV commercials, radio spots, billboards, and point-of-sale materials.

That was pretty much it.

In the online world, things are a little more complicated.

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Group of people in conversation

The focus of most of my posts is on writing sales copy that is less pushy and adversarial… and more open and conversational.

In this post I’m going to focus not on sales copy, but on web content.

Because content can go either way as well.

Content can be flat editorial that is broadcast AT an audience of passive readers.

Or content can be more engaging and conversational in its approach and tone.

If you want your own content to be more inclusive, engaging and conversational, here are 4 things you might want to think about.

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