Holding hands as a sign of trust

I’m in the early stages of preparing a presentation for an audience of therapists, coaches and other solo business owners who depend on the trust of their clients.

Part of my focus will be on writing a strong homepage headline.

The headline on your homepage is a big deal.

It does a lot of the heavy lifting for your site.

It’s often the first thing people read when they arrive at your site.

And in the same way that people will judge a book by its cover, prospective clients will likely judge your practice by the message you share on your homepage.

No pressure!

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Mirroring in conversations

A while back I was chatting with someone on the Conversational Copywriting Facebook group page.

At one point she wrote, “Good, thank you. I really do need more help with headline writing”.

She’s hoping I’ll create another lecture for the course, focused just on writing headlines. I probably will.

But let’s imagine instead that I decide to create a new course on writing headlines, and I want to sell the course to her.

What should my headline be?

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