Conversation is the native language of the web.

If you remember the Internet from way back in the 1980s and 90s, you’ll doubtless recall there was no buying or selling stuff online back then.

No web browsers. No web.

But a lot of text-only discussion lists and bulletin boards.

That’s where we all got into conversation. Lots of conversations.

That why I say conversation is the native language of the web.

It’s how things started.

The rise of ecommerce in the second half of the 90s, and right up to the dotcom crash of 2001, looked like it might push the conversation off the web and turn the whole place into a virtual shopping mall.

But that didn’t happen.

The rise of blogs and social media was a reaffirmation that the web is a social medium, alive with conversation.

That’s why people push back when companies try to treat the web like another one-way broadcast medium. As if it were just another version of TV. It’s not.

Old-school, pushy sales messages don’t fit.

It’s also why people choose aggressive email filter settings… to keep old-school, hard-sell broadcast promotions out of their inboxes.

Smart marketers and copywriters understand the language of the web has ALWAYS been conversational.

Conversational copywriting isn’t about interrupting people to broadcast an outside sales message.

It’s about joining the conversation – honestly and respectfully – with an authentic message that fits and actually helps.

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  1. Honest. Respectful. Authentic. Two-way communication. That is what conversation is all about. And it’s what marketing and marketing communications should be about. Thanks for the continued reminders, information and resources.