customer loyalty

Recently I published a survey with some open-ended questions about Conversational Copywriting.

In particular, I wanted to know how I was doing.

Was I doing a decent job of explaining what Conversational Copywriting is all about?

These were open-ended questions, inviting people to say whatever they wanted.

Even so, one request came in as a strong number one…

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They don't like adversarial copywriting

For decades we’ve used military jargon as part and parcel of how we talk about our craft as copywriters.

Consider some of the language we use with our colleagues and clients.

Target audience. Overcoming resistance. Finding the right triggers. Killing the competition. Guerilla marketing.

Language matters. It makes a difference to how we think about our work. It makes a difference to how we think about the consumers we “target” with our writing.

There’s a them and us mentality. It’s still there. Copywriters on one side and consumers on the other.

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