chatbot for conversational copywriting

I’ve added a chatbot to my Facebook page.

We had a conversation…

Chatbot: I’m confused. Where am I? Come to think of it, who or what am I?

Nick: You’re a chatbot. I created you to help me connect with people who might be interested in conversational copywriting.

Chatbot: Ok. Still confused. But… quick question… does this mean I’m like an AI? Am I super-intelligent?

Nick: Afraid not. No AI. No machine learning. Dumb as a post.

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Interview on conversational copywriting with JoAnna Brandi

In this post I get to talk with JoAnna Brandi – a consultant, speaker and trainer who believes in the power of happiness in the workplace.

I met JoAnna at an event held by our mutual friends at American Writers & Artists Inc.

After talking for a few minutes, it became clear to me that she was a fellow traveller in the pursuit of positivity and transparency in the world of marketing and sales.

While there are plenty of authors and speakers on the “happiness bandwagon” these days, JoAnna stands out because she’s been speaking about Customer and Employee Happiness for over 25 years.

It’s that depth of experience I want to tap into with this interview.

So… let’s get started…

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empty chair in empty space

If you’ve ever listened to advice on losing weight, you’re probably familiar with the term “empty calories”.

It simply means the food you’re eating – like a candy bar – is full of calories, but has negligible nutritional value.

The same can happen in writing.

Lots of words, negligible meaning.

And perhaps surprisingly, some of the biggest offenders are digital ad agencies.

You’d think marketing professionals would know better. But apparently not.

Here’s an example of what I mean…

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Yanik Silver interview head shot photo

In this post I get to talk with Yanik Silver – serial entrepreneur, adventurer, doodler and advocate for ethical and evolved business.

I’ve been following Yanik Silver’s career for close to 20 years now, watching from afar as he journeyed from online copywriter and trainer to becoming a powerful advocate for a more evolved approach to business.

But… we never met until a few weeks ago, when we were both speaking at the same event.

I’d imagined his presentation might focus on sharing tried and tested techniques for online copywriters.

But I was dead wrong.

Instead, Yanik treated us to a vision of a world where business moves from being merely transactional to becoming transformational… where marketing is as much about making a positive impact on the world as it is about growing the bottom line.  

Those of you who are familiar with my own vision for Conversational Copywriting will immediately grasp why I was so taken with Yanik’s presentation.

And you’ll understand why I asked him to take part in this interview.

So… let’s get started…

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Graphic about personal brand

Whether you’re a freelancer, a consultant, coach or some other kind of solo professional, you have a personal brand.

Your personal brand determines how your clients, prospects and peers see you. What they think of you.

Your brand is a jigsaw of different influences – how you appear online, what you say, what it’s like to work with you, and what you do.

Most solo professionals take a pretty casual approach to personal branding. Their brand, such as it is, is largely accidental.

But smart individuals take a more deliberate approach.

Let’s take a look at what that might involve…

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When the web arrived in our lives, way back in the mid 1990s, it heralded a wave of disruptions, one after another.

The web changed how we look for and find information, how we connect with others, how we shop… and a great deal more.

Over time, the web has also profoundly changed the way companies do business.

It was and continues to be massively disruptive to multiple industries. When did you last go to a physical store and buy a music CD? Or rent a movie on a VHS cassette?

Industries have been changed almost beyond recognition – like the taxi business.

And now we have a new wave of disruptions coming our way.

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