conversational selling

Truth be told, this video is an outtake.

I’ve been trying to record a video to put on the Conversational Copywriting homepage… but have yet to get it right.

Not even close, really.

To start with, I’m aiming for just under two minutes.

But the video above is a little over 4 minutes.

And I did a ton of takes before this one. And that meant the sun kept getting lower, right to the point where I got that highlight on the background on the right side.

Not a big deal, but enough to make me want to try again.

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Everyday English

My first language is English.

But I live in Montreal, where the first language is French.

As a result, I’m used to translating French into English.

I’m not very good at it. But translating into English is something I do every day.

Now for the weirdness.

Sometimes, when I’m reading marketing copy or even business writing – in English – I have a moment of recognition in my mind.

I think, “Hang on, this feels like translating from a foreign language. I’m having to translate marketing language or business language into everyday English.”

Interesting notion… having to translate English into everyday English.

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Conversational copywriting is stress-free and more fun

Funny thing.

A little while back I emailed a question to some alumni of the Conversational Copywriting course.

I wanted to know if they felt the course had changed anything for them. Was this just “another course”, or had it made a real difference?

I got some encouraging answers to that question, which I’ll be writing about in a future post.

But I also got feedback I hadn’t asked about at all.

This is a big deal, because so many people made the exact same point… without me even asking about it.

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Word of mouth conversation

According to Forrester Research, there are approximately 500 billion word-of-mouth impressions created every day on social media.

All that social activity has a powerful impact on the economy overall.

In fact, management consultancy McKinsey and Company estimates that TWO-THIRDS of the US economy is now driven by word of mouth.

Hang on…

Let’s pause and take another look at those numbers, because they’re huge.

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Conversation on first date

In a fast-moving world of texts and selfies, it’s easy to imagine the days of holding long and meaningful conversations are behind us.

The idea of two people sitting down in deep conversation can feel a little quaint. Romantic even.

Who has time for that, right?

Not so fast.

Pretty much every important relationship in your life began with a conversation. Or a series of conversations.

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Making the pitch for conversational copywriting

If you’re going to pitch your clients or partners on the benefits of conversational copywriting, it will help if you have some solid arguments lined up and ready to go.

Fortunately, the conversational approach is rich with key points of difference and advantage.

This is particularly true when you’re competing with copywriters or marketers who are still hanging onto the traditional, broadcast approach to copywriting.

The old-school approach may still work for old media like TV and radio, but it has no place online.

Let’s explore just 5 of the ways you can power up your pitch when you’re talking about conversational copywriting.

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